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We're a Veteran Owned and Operated Company. We produce custom business signs, custom apparel, vehicle graphics and promotional products. It's been our goal to remain the one-stop shop that provides our customers with professional services and quality products. Our brick... and mortar shop is located in Joliet, Illinois. However, we service other neighboring towns such as, Shorewood, Crest Hill, Plainfield, Romeoville, Lockport, New Lenox, Rockdale, Minooka and Channahon. We've even gone as far as to service areas of Chicago. We will ship anywhere in the U.S.

Our company's slogan is "What Do You Represent?" We ask this question because every customer, whether they're a business looking for window, wall or floor decals or a person looking for custom t shirts, they all have one thing in common, they're looking for a product that represents them. Companies looking for business signs are ordering signs from us because they want potential customers to know about their company and the services or products they offer. Other customers looking to customize their clothing may be in need of a local sceen printing or custom embroidery shop to give their apparel that personal touch. We're a local t shirt maker that can make pictures on shirts, decorate garments with a wide variet of specialty materials and provide a wide range of printing options. Whether it's the assembly of signage or the decorating of custom apparel, in the end, the finished product represents something to someone or some busineass.

If you're in need of sidewalk signs or a frames, yard signs, custom banners, car magnets or DOT stickers - just to name a few - our team has over 20 years of graphic design and business experience, utilizing state of the art signmaking and custom clothing printing equipment. We the owners of Top 5 Percent, LLC are both ex-military and have been instilled with the belief of never quitting and to strive for perfection. We don't stop until we have produced the best product and have provided the best service that our customers could ask for. The customer reviews above support that and is very much appreciated.

Top 5 Percent, LLC also offer promotional items, such as custom table cloths and table runners, awards and plaques, other offerings include stickers, car wraps and posters. Top 5%, LLC offers a wide variety of printing options when it comes to producing signs and custom clothing. We operate wide format digital printers, white toner laser printers, dye-sublimation printers and stock screen printed transfers to get the job done. What sets us apart from many of our competitors is that we offer a wide variety of specialty material. There are just too many products and services to name. If you don't see it listed, it doesn't mean we can't create it. Give us a call, send an email or fill out our quote form and tell us, "What Do You Represent?"

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10 Ways Business Signs Help Promote Your Business and Attract More Walk-In Customers

Picture of blue business signs that says Fifty

When you start a business, you want it to be as successful as possible. Advertising is a significant part of marketing, which makes having the right signs essential to the long term success of your company. Even though we live in a digital world, signs are still important. In this article we will inform you about how you can use signs to promote your business and attract more walk-in customers for your brick and mortar store.

Signs can help promote your business. They are the first thing a customer notices about your business, so it’s important to invest in high-quality professional signage to help promote your company. Attracting new customers to your business involves more than just hanging a sign and leaving. There are many things you as a business owner or manager must take into consideration when deciding to purchase business signs.

1. Communicating Your Brands Message Through Signage

The information you place on your sign is essential because it lets customers know who you are as a business. Your brand's message should be clear. The graphics you use for your business sign needs to reflect the goals and vision of your company. Most companies choose to incorporate their logo on their signs to help their brand stand out in customer’s mind. The information you provide on your sign needs to be as accurate as possible. The grammar on the sign needs to be correct, which means avoid using too much slang,if any at all. Ask yourself, "what do I want customers to know about my business?" This will help you focus more on the message and how you can use the message to attract more walk-in customers.

2. Strategically Place Your Signs

Generating customers require more effort than placing a sign outside of your establishment. Place your sign in a way that allow it to be seen from as many angles as possible. The purpose is to create brand awareness and to draw in new customers. Your sign should entice a customer to want to walk into your establishment and see what other products or services your business offers. At Top 5 Percent, we offer a variety of signage options ranging from window, wall and floor signs, backlight signage for kiosks, sidewalk signs and more to help spread the word about your company. We can effectively communicate your company's message and place it on doors, windows and the walls of your business to attract a customer’s attention. You need to design creative graphics that help your business stand out and make it unique. If customers don't notice your business sign, they will not waste time heading over to the competition.

3. Choose Appealing Colors

Dull colors will not get you the response you desire. Make sure the colors you use are bright and vivid and can be seen from near and far. Colors are a focal point of creating memorable signage. Studies have shown that using specific colors stimulates an indiviuals emotions and thought processes about a business and have even been known to create actionable responses. Companies with the most effective business signs have taken all of this into consideration and have applied it to their custom signage.

4. Pick the Right Font and Text Size

If you want to attract customers, they need to be able to read your sign from long distances. Depending on the size of your sign, you may not be able to use a lot of text, so make each word count. If you want the text on your sign to stand out from graphics or other text that may be on the sign, use different textures or colors to create contrast. You can outline the text, use shadow effects or 3D Type to make the text more visible and distinguishable if necessary.

5. Use High-Quality Graphics

High-quality graphics that pop are another essential aspect of creating attractive signage. The printing technology we use at Top 5 Percent will help turn your vision into a creative reality. Beautiful graphics captures the customer’s attention and draws them in, which is what you need to gain more street-view customers.

6. Put Your Best Foot Forward

There’s a lot of competition in the business world and you need to put your best foot forward by figuring out how to seperate your business from competing and non-competing nearby businesses. Professional business signs, if well thought out, not only can communicate what your company stands for, but can help create new leads. It doesn’t matter if you advertise your business on a outdoor banner or yard sign, the more customers understand what your company's brand is about and what products and services it produces through signage, the higher the chances of them walking into your establishment.

7. Learn From Your Competitors

There are many companies that offer the same or similar services and products and many of them have invested in beautiful signage on their windows, floors and walls. If you notice that your competitors are thriving and have attractive business signage, then maybe you need to join in and buy signs for your company. It's ok to do what your competitors are doing, just make sure you do it better. You might be asking, "how can make my sign stand out from my competitors?" It's going to take a lot of creativity, understanding your target market buying habits and partnering with an experienced local sign maker to create the perfect sign for the best results. Needless to say, Top 5 Percent, LLC is here to help you with that. Your creativity is what will set you apart from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or ask one of our Top 5%, LLC workers for suggestions.

8. Host Special Events

Consider hosting outdoor or indoor events if your space allows. During your event, take advantage of the opportunity by advertising a great sale on certain products and services utilizing your signage. It doesn't matter if it's a temporary sign or permanent sign. Either way, a great sign, along with a nice turnout at your special event is going to increase your chances of more walk-in customers. When passerbys see a crowd of people around a business it raises their curiosity. They want to know what's going on, so they observe the signage to find out who's hosting the event and what items or services are being sold. Using commercial signs is a great way to announce your upcoming event. If you're aware of any events going on around your city you may want to consider setting up temporary signs to promote your upcoming event to that events crowd of people. Promoting your special event during community events is way to increase brand awareness.

9. Increase Online Visibility

Take indoor and exterior pictures of your business, primarily focusing on the business signs placed in and around the building. Also, take pictures of your products. Place these images on your website, as well as other websites. Web surfers who come across your images may want to visit your store or shop simply because they liked your photos. Giving potential customers the ability to view pictures of your business online can instill a sense of comfort prior to them walking into your establishment, especially if they've never visited before. They already know what to expect prior to arriving and they have a pretty good idea of what product they would like to purchase upon entrance.

10. Buy Large Business Signs

Depending on where your business is located, large business signs can definitely help promote and attract new walk-in customers. If your company is located on a busy street filled with automobile traffic. The drivers waiting at a stop light will have time to view and read the signage placed around your business. If the signs are large enough to see from streetview, they'll have time to read all about what your business has to offer and at that point come to the conclusion that your store sells a product that they're in need of and now they know exactly where to get it. The larger the sign the better your chances of getting more customers, especially if you're trying to reach customers that are viewing your business signs from far distances.